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In the quiet corners of Marlborough, New Zealand, Paula Kerslake has been quietly redefining the essence of abstract expressionism. For over ten years, Paula's brush has danced across canvases, not seeking the limelight but engaging in a deeper dialogue with colour, texture, and form.


Her artistic journey is a mosaic of experiences, from the serene landscapes of New Zealand to the cultural depth of Japan, where the disciplined art of calligraphy subtly influenced her approach. This global perspective, combined with a Diploma in Art and Creativity, has shaped Paula into an artist whose work is not just seen but felt.


Paula's paintings are an intimate affair with the abstract, a conversation between the artist and her medium. Each stroke is deliberate yet free, capturing the rhythm of her thoughts and the pulse of her surroundings. Her art is not about perfection but about the honesty of the moment, the raw beauty of the imperfect.


Despite her humble approach, Paula's art has crossed oceans and borders, finding recognition in prestigious art competitions and exhibitions from Wellington to Berlin. Her achievements, including finalist positions in renowned art reviews and exhibitions in global venues, speak of her art's quiet impact.


Beyond the canvas, Paula's heart for art extends to teaching, where she guides diverse age groups through their own artistic journeys. Her role as a mentor is not just about imparting skills but about nurturing the creative spirit.


Paula's life in Marlborough is a balance of art and inspiration. When not immersed in her studio, she finds solace in nature, exploring the bush with her camera, capturing moments that often translate into her next artistic endeavour.


Her art is a reflection of her journey - unassuming yet profound. Paula Kerslake's work invites viewers to pause, reflect, and find their own connection with the world of abstract expressionism.

Permanent Public Art Collections

Chartwell Trust Collection Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki  New Zealand

Eketahuna/Mellemskov Museum collection New Zealand 

TUCAT Contemporary Art Trust New Zealand 

Verbeke Foundation Gallery of Contemporary Art Belgium

ArtColle Museum Art of Collage France 

Stone Valley Arts Vermont USA


Waiheke Art Gallery Auckland

Marlborough Art Society

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